Was Bruno Van Gaver aware of the phenomenon that he was creating when he founded Mellow Yellow in 2004? Barely a decade has passed, yet the shoes and accessories brand has become a key feature of the Parisian and international fashion scene. 

Its status as a leading player has been earned thanks to its unique, trendsetting style, adopted right from the outset.

By naming the brand after the song by sixties musical sensation, Donovan, Bruno Van Gaver gave it an energy that combined pop and colour, making it stand out and guaranteeing its success, year after year. The brand thrives on influences that are both varied and relevant and that change with the seasons to best capture the mood of the times.

Mellow Yellow’s shoes, inspired by Parisian style, are at the cutting-edge of fashion. 
Bubbly and colourful, they are constantly being redesigned 
to make them accessible and wearable.